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White-Label Explainer videos Made Easy, Engage Your Clients With Premade Solutions, Perfect for Marketing Agencies and Freelancers

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White Label Business Explainer Videos
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Digital downloads are non-refundable. Nevertheless, our top priority is your satisfaction. If you have any problems accessing your purchase, please reach us. We respond within 24 hours. You can contact us here.

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Love these explainer video templates! Saved us time & money & our clients are seeing more conversions.

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Multiply client’s results: 90+ white-label business service explainer videos with Industry-Specific Content for different industries

Here’s the struggle: You know the value of offering your clients video marketing services but creating them from scratch takes time, money, and expertise you might not have.


I’m Mohsin, a web designer & SEO expert helping businesses stand out online.

I wear two hats:

Consulting: I work with small businesses directly, helping them with website design, local SEO, and marketing strategies to attract more customers.

White-label solutions: For marketing agencies and freelancers, I offer white-label digital marketing services, and products like pre-made website designs, marketing plans, and other tools (all under their own brand) allowing them to serve their clients efficiently.

What are white-label business explainer videos?

Business service explainer videos are short, animated videos that explain what a company does and how it benefits its customers. They’re a powerful tool for video marketing agencies and freelancers to help businesses.


90+ ready-made business explainer videos for popular niches like beauty salons, restaurants, legal services, and more.

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Here’s a breakdown of what a business explainer video includes:

Clearly explain services: These videos break down services into easy-to-understand visuals and stories.

Engage potential customers: Explainer videos grab attention and keep viewers interested, leading to a better understanding of the business and its offerings.

Multiply sales and conversions: Clear explanations and engaging visuals can convince viewers to choose a specific company’s services.

Benefits for you:

Save Time & Money: Pre-made explainer videos are ready-to-go, saving you production time and agency fees compared to custom videos.

Industry-Specific Content: Target specific client needs with explainer videos customized to their industry’s challenges and solutions.

Client Satisfaction: Impress clients with professional, high-quality videos that clearly explain their services.

Increase Conversions: Engaging explainer videos can capture attention, educate viewers, and ultimately lead to more sales for your clients.

Scalability: Offer explainer videos as a service to multiple clients without breaking the bank on custom production costs.

Ready to get started?

Our White-Label business video explainer bundle is the perfect solution for busy agencies, freelancers, and anyone who wants to offer digital marketing services without headaches.

Want to discuss your specific needs or get more information? I’m here to help. Just drop a message and I’ll be more than happy to assist you in any way I can.

DISCLAIMER: ©Mohsin Ali All rights reserved.

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